Instagram Algorithm Updates

At this day and age, everyone knows the easiest way to make your brand more popular and recognized, is through Instagram. It is such an important app especially for small businesses waiting for the opportunity to get their product or service out there.

But just creating an account and posting won’t necessarily get your brand out there.
Keeping up to date with the Instagram algorithm is essential, as it makes sure that you can reach a wider audience and it gives your marketing more of an edge.

There a specific code to crack, and even though it’s quite difficult, this blog shows you exactly what to do and how to do it. Knowing when to post, what to post, what hashtags to use, are just some of the key factors in making sure your content reaches your followers.

So how do we outsmart the Instagram algorithm, and what are the factors aligning it?

1. Keep your audience engaged

You should post eye catching photos and videos with catchy titles to get more more likes and comments. But in today’s Instagram world, getting only likes and comments is not enough.

Make sure your posts have more relative information that your audience would save or send it as a DM to others. Your content must be engaging enough for people to share your posts, save them and also check out your profile.

Posting Instagram videos does not hold a greater weightage over photos, but it does require people to look at your content for a longer time, and would most likely lead to visiting your profile as well.

The more amount of engagement you get, the higher the chances of your posts being regularly featured on the their feed.

2. Usage of different Instagram features

You should use Instagram features to be able to give the people more creative and elusive content. It also helps reaching them faster.

  • Instagram Stories

Using the stories features has a lot of advantages, it shows a different side to your brand and allows more people to view all the moments happening on a particular day.

Stories can also increase viewer engagement by using polls, comment boxes, and even the countdown option which makes your audience visit your profile at a specific time.

You can also use stories sell your products, people can now just swipe up to shop!

  • Reels

Creating reels has become a new trend and since it is relatively new, Instagram is promoting reels of all types of content and helps it get more reach. Reels is a more popular way of marketing, the short videos with catchy music, you can easily capture people’s attention and the more they watch and share, the more likely your content will keep showing up on their feed.

  • Instagram TV

IGTV is great way to show a longer video. If you’re trying to create your own channel, posting on IGTV is the way to go. It is usually between 15 seconds to 10 minutes and for some larger channels, it can even be as long as 60 minutes.

  • Instagram guides

What exactly are Instagram guides? They are posts and videos that are paired with helpful tips and advice. It is used if you want to create a more detailed post with lots of information.

  • Instagram live

Instagram Live is the best way for direct viewer engagement, where you can communicate with your audience and give them a better feel of what your brand is all about. It also sends in a notification to all your followers to increase viewership.

3. Timing

When should you post your content? Well this depends on what your business is and based on your insights see when your content is getting maximum reach.
Insight is a powerful tool for businesses to know which post is doing the best as well as the time it gains the most influence.
When you post at that particular time, it gives you a greater chance of getting more engagement, and profile visits.
You should also make sure you post frequently as it helps businesses attain brand awareness to potential customers.

4. Use powerful marketing strategies

Marketing strategies such as contests or giveaways can definitely help get your business more recognized.
Everyone loves winning especially when there’s nothing to lose. It drives in more engagement and ensures more profile visits.
You should give it some time before releasing the winners, as it allows more participation and creates a certain amount of buzz and anticipation. Another good strategy is to cross pollinate between businesses.

It is when you mutually promote both brands and helps get in the sites of a wider audience.
You can also try using conversation starters in your captions or on your stories to let your audience interact with each other as well as yourself.

5. Are hashtags really that important for Instagram?

In short, yes.
Including hashtags in your content enables them to be more searchable. The right hashtags can ensure a more targeted audience who is genuinely interested in what your content represents.
The more targeted the audience, the more engagement, and the more it’ll be featured while searching for a particular hashtag.

6. Micro blogging

A great way to get engagement is by micro blogging. Captions that are informative and tells your audience about a specific topic is known as micro blogging.

Such helpful tips, and information definitely lead to more number of shares and saves which also lead to more number of profile visits, hence giving your business a wider reach.

7. Instagram Explore page

Explore pages are curated based on what you’ve liked in the past and the posts that appear are similar or relevant to that. Using the tips above, you can definitely crack the explore page algorithm as well.

Reels is a more powerful tool as it has its own explore page, which helps getting your content out there more easier.
You can also use the explore page to know what others are posting, and see what you can do that could be more different and unique.

Launching a business and brand is difficult no matter how you do it, but using Instagram as a platform to do it is made easier, only if you know how to get your content reach a large number of people.

This blog will help you do so by beating the Instagram algorithm and making sure you get the most engagement giving your business the marketing it needs.

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