Top 10 tips to make your content user attractive

These are some of the questions we all wonder while creating new content.

How do we engage the users with content? How do we make content accessible and easy to use? What do we do to entice the readers into reading the entire post content?

Well this blog answers all those questions and more! Here are 10 tips to make your content more user attractive:

1. Focus on a specific topic and target that audience

You need to make the content hold the audience’s attention for a long time and that can be done only if they are interested in what they are reading.

Identifying the key message of your content is very important, and anything you write should always come back to that message. Try listing out the messages and see which type of audience would most appreciate it, and cater to them.

2. Click bait headlines

You need to create headlines such that you know people will click On it as soon as they read it. Headline should be in such a way that, it should draw on the readers curiosity to know what is in it.

Headlines in the form of questions and polls will peak their interest.

Instead of saying “Meghan Markle is said to deliver a baby girl this summer”
You could say “Meghan Markle just revealed the sex of the baby, what do you think it is?”
Here the headline also involves viewer engagement and leads to increase in traffic for the site.

3. Visual Content

Using visuals such as pictures, videos, graphs allows the reader to intercept information faster and easier. Based on such visuals will they decide whether they actually want to read the entire content or not.
As they say, a picture really is worth a thousand words, thereby allowing the readers to get a grasp on the concept without putting in too much effort.

4. Research and Statistics

It is very important to do your research on the topic before publishing anything. Publishing wrong content can be very misleading and cause a lot of problems and consequences.

It is always good to include statistics that can back your data. This ensures your readers and gives them more assurance that what they are reading is correct.

Fact checking is essential and cannot be taken lightly. It is the writers responsibility to make sure it doesn’t go unnoticed.

You should do enough research on what’s already trending and see what people’s opinions are about the situation. Based on that you can know what points your topic can include, ultimately defining your audience.

5. Story

More often than not, creating a story or a pov within the article gets more interest from the general public. People like to read about things that they are interested in, or in the people that they can relate to.

Introducing the story concept encourages the readers to read through the entire article and learn what the key message of it is. You can also make it more personal, it shows the reader that there is someone real writing those words. Someone who also relates and feels the same.

6. Be clear and consistent

You should be clear on the message of your content and what it states. Don’t try to add many ideas and end up confusing the readers.

The goal is to make sure your audience understands the message you’re trying to send without any problems.
Being consistent means that you should always keep an update of the type of content your producing and also the style of it.

You can also try mixing it up to keep it more interesting, like post an article today and the next day you can post videos, or images

7. Answer questions

Answer questions that you think your readers would have.

What, why, where, who, how, when are all questioning words about the topic that must be answered to be able to give as much information as you can on that topic.

Try creating new topics based on the new questions that are posed to you in the comments. The follow up article can contain all the things you may have missed the first time and also gives an update of what has changed now.

8. Ask questions

You should also engage by asking questions. If the reader doesn’t know, they’ll be eager to learn and if they do know, they’ll want to see whether it’s the same answer or a difference in opinion and that could lead to more open conversations.

Asking questions can also lead to listening to different perspectives of the same situation and informs the reader of not only what is there in the article but what other opinions are out there.

9. Usage of keywords

Using keywords will allow your audience to come to you, knowing that what they are searching for is being discussed about.
Keywords help you stay on topic and they make sure you keep your content more relevant.

Try highlighting them using different styles of font and color, which makes it easier for the reader to read and also makes your content more attractive!

10. Edit your content

It is very important to edit your content. The first draft is almost never right, it is just the base off of which you can start adding in more detailed descriptions and ideas.

You should also make sure there are no spelling errors or grammatical mistakes or else the whole focus of the article will land on those mistakes only and the entire message of the article will be lost.

Creating content that is user engaging is quite difficult , thereby study of marketing and it’s importance is extremely important.

Here are just some of the tips lined up to help make your content more user attractive. It allows your brand and business to grow bigger and reach a larger audience. Don’t only use one of these tips, try mixing them up and creating new strategies, ones that work for you.

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