What the world would look like without websites

Imagining a world without websites doesn’t even seem possible in today’s digital age. We rely on them for practically everything, be it communication, news, entertainment, the growth of businesses. We get everything at our fingertips and just thinking of a world without one seems so backward and slow.

Communication without websites

Without websites, communicating would be through mail or just through phones and messages. Forget about making inexpensive international calls, video conferencing and social networking.

At this point, many people even communicate solely through memes. Without websites the world of memes and such would not be this advanced and widespread. In fact scrolling through memes are what some people do for hours together as it provides both humour and information in a short period of time.

Through access of information about so many things from websites, we are at such an extent of not communicating in real life, that instead of going to the doctor when ill, we would first read about our symptoms online.

With the growth of websites, people have honed them in to explore their own talents and have created new opportunities to express themselves like blogging, vlogging, writing short stories, sharing their music, and more. Now we even see it being evolved into creating podcasts and audio books.

Websites allow you to share your talents and dreams with the world.


If you own a business then you know just how important websites are and how much they can help.
When people hear of a business the first thing they do is look them up on a search engine. Without a website you lose 95% of your customers and only rely on the ones that are physically close to you.

Websites show the clients how legitimate your brand or company is. They’ll be able to see how you’ve started, where you’ve started, what your business provides and in what direction it’s headed towards.

The marketing field has blown up immensely through websites. Marketing your product is a great way of bringing customers to you, and spreads more awareness about your company. Through websites marketing has now become easy and cost effective. There are many ways to market, through ads on different websites, by promoting them on different social media accounts, putting up contests and giveaways on their official websites.

Without websites, we definitely won’t have an international reach. Getting businesses started and finding a customer base is difficult to grow it if you keep it limited to your own area. The more known about it becomes, the more successful it can be. You can reach the whole world rather than just your 0.1% of the population.

Through websites we can buy anything, clothes, food, electronics and much more. Imagine not being able to get the joy of your package coming the next day after ordering it. We save so much time and effort by just a click of a button!
Websites provide easy customer services, they usually have section of FAQs and even give them a chance to ask their specific query or give their feedback.

In a world without websites, we would not know of most of the businesses around the world and would surely miss out on all the great things they would have to offer. There would be much fewer entrepreneurs and small businesses would have to try very hard to catch a break.


Websites have given birth to social media, without which there would be no Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Pinterest and that’s just the beginning. Just going through all these apps sometimes make up an entire persons day!
There won’t be that much hype for new movies or TV shows releasing, we rely so much on these sites to promote them to get us excited about their release.

Online gaming is a huge field, and more than half the world population is an active member of it. It allows you to play different games with people from all over the world. Gaming has become a huge part of the entertainment industry, and we see a lot of people giving most of their free time towards it.

Even dating has now become online, and there are many dating websites. Without websites, the dating field would also be reduced remarkably. Connecting with a person online is said to be easier and websites match your respective interests with others to help in meeting new people with common interests. People usually chat online for sometime before actually meeting in person.

Smartphones would definitely not be as evolved as they are now, without websites. Their function and usage would be very low and limited. Smartphones are known for their power to access and browse through websites, social media.

As we imagine a world without websites and only see their disadvantages, there are a few advantages also.

There would be no cyber bullying, cybercrime, cyber terrorism. People would spend more time in the real world rather than the online world. Many of us cannot go even a few hours without checking our phones, with the lack of technological advancement we wouldn’t be as addicted.

It’s easy to get lost in the online world so we must take in what’s important and remember that there is life beyond that.

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